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We develop a wide range of monitoring technology that is used to communicate with home care professionals, loved ones, or the staff in care homes. All users will receive an immediate insight in to potential risks or behavioural changes.

This information is collated in TALVA  according to the user’s specific needs, this in turn is used to enable the planning of most effective care. TALVA will connect the user to chosen relatives or staff in their network.

Our solutions are custom made and created by healthcare professionals to help everyone live their best life.

How TALVA works

When a sensor detects activity, automatic messages will be sent to the mobile phones of staff or relatives. The system is customised to the needs and wants of the user.
Here you can see, how the information from a motion detector will be delivered to the care team.

IoT Devices

Through TALVA, IoT devices connects the elderly to relatives or caregivers. If something is up, they are notified directly. Read more about the possibilities here

Advantages using Talva

Nemlia’s solutions are used in nursing homes with results that have transformed the way they work.

For healthcare workers, the Nemlia system has enabled:

  • The warm hands to reach further
  • The staff to feel safer and less stressed
  • The time that the staff get to use for more effective care and presence to rise
  • A more manageable workload with better working environment
  • The staff to be able to provide better and more suitable care

For relatives of the residents, the insight from the Nemlia system has enabled:

  • The time spent with their loved ones to be quality time as appose to due dilligence of care
  • Worrying less about your loved ones not being able to notify the staff, if something happens to them
  • Peace of mind as you will be notified immediately if any worrying signs develop
  • More energy in your daily life.

For the elderly people that live alone, the Nemlia system will provide:

  • Contact with relatives or care staff, when requested or needed.
  • Safety in the home or outside
  • Energy, courage and the freedom to live an independent and worthy life

Talva from Nemlia is easy for all users to pick up instantly and understand, with an automatic reporting system for mobile phones.

These are using Nemlia solutions


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