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We understand the pressure that staff are under at nursing homes. they have many people to care for and cannot be in two places at once. With the Nemlia system you will receive real time alerts of movement or changes in activity which perhaps would require urgent attention. The system is designed as an extra set of eyes and warm hands of the staff. This increased overview elevates the overall safety along with helping other staff members to adjust and plan their tasks accordingly. 

Motion detector - works to prevent injury

When motion is detected a notification will be sent to the App 

Example of use: If the residents in nursing homes get up on their own during the night, this interrupts overall sleep for them and their neighbours. A motion detector placed in the resident´s room will inform the staff that the resident is about to get out of bed. This can prevent residents from falling or other potential injuries.




Door sensor - peace during the night

When the door opens a notification will be sent to the App.

Example of use: Relatives or healthcare staff worry that the resident may leave s the carehome, therefore want a notification when specific doors open. A door sensor can also be used in such cases, where residents every now and again leave their room at night and accidentally go into the rooms of other residents. This causes a safety issue and disturbs the sleep of other residents as well. With the door sensor, staff can monitor the movement regardless of where they are in the building.





Air Quality sensor - Indoor climate insights

Gathers statistics and notifies you when the air quality is low

Example of use: If want to make sure that your loved ones have the best indoor climate to support good health; The Talva System  measures the indoor air quality, and gives you actionable insights. The  system asks you to take ventilate if air quality is bad.  If needed, users can move the sensor from one room to another.

Smoke sensor - Involve your network

Smart smoke sensor notifies you wherever you are.

Example of use: If your loved lives at home, and is vulnerable in dealing with situations with smoke. Our smoke sensor functions as a conventional smoke sensor, notifying people in the proximity. In case of smoke, the Nemlia system notifies you, a neighbour or other contacts connected to the Nemlia system. 

We recommend that you always seek advice with authorities before setting up smoke sensors.

Alarm button - Help is a click away

The smart button notifies your care circle when you press it. Example of use: With the risk of getting in a situation where you are unable to get help, the elderly and dependent can feel scared to live at home, or move around freely. With the alarm button, the elderly and dependent can take control of their life, knowing that help is a click away.

When the button is pressed, the people in your care circle are notified through the Nemlia System.
The button can be worn around the neck, wrist, on a belt or fastened to a wall (eg. in the kitchen, living- or bedroom).

Tracker - More safe and free

The tracker shows where you are located. Your location is shown on the Nemlia System – on a smartphone or tablet. 

Example of use: Freedom of movement and independence can be important to people with dementia. However, it can be challenging for relatives to make room for this, knowing that there are risks associated. 

With the tracker, elderly and people with dementia are able to move about more freely, with relatives or caregivers knowing that they can be there. should they need help getting back home. 


Smart plug - Makes appliances smart

With a smart plug, you are able to measure the use of electrical appliances, and get notified if something is up. 

 Example of use: Like most people, elderly and dependent who want to age in place have electrical appliances to make daily life easier. Seeing the use of appliances shows relatives what a normal day looks like, and give them information to act on, if things are not normal.

Collector - The heart

Our collector is the heart of our Nemlia system. It connects all the smart devices to the Nemlia system, sending out notifications to relatives and/or caregivers.

The collector requires wired internet connection.


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