Nemlia News – August 2023

The Danish care home Kristinehøj Plejehjem is ensuring that residents have a life with dignity, the best possible mood, excellent personal care and attention. This brings smiles to peoples’ faces whilst preventing accidents and allowing for personalised care.

“Several times we have experienced arriving in time for a resident who could have had an accident. This means that we don’t have to wash bed linen or spend time cleaning at night,” says Head of Department Anette Jensen. Knowing each resident’s needs at the right time allows you to anticipate accidents and avoid disruptive or time-consuming routines. This empowers the caregivers to use their time on specific, individual care for the resident.

Anette elaborates with a handful of recent examples. “The other night, one of my colleagues came in to a resident who was sitting on the edge of the bed. My colleague was greeted with a gentle smile and a cautious voice. ‘I was just thinking about you. How did you know I needed you right now?‘ This was from a resident who had previously had a few accidents at night on the way to the toilet.

Another said ‘Thank God you’re coming now’.

Other residents who don’t speak just send a smile with their eyes. The new digital messaging for us means that we can help give residents more dignity.”

Increased dignity among residents
It is clear that Anette is a manager who cares deeply about her profession, but even more is passionate about those she makes a difference to each day.
Just talking about the residents’ new smiles at the care home brings a smile to Anette’s own face.

“Of ourse, it makes you happy when you’re greeted with a smile. It gives the resident more dignity than when he or she feels embarrassed that we’re about to change the sheets. In many ways, we can feel how the new approach and Nemlia’s system are making a difference.”

Happy residents, satisfied caregivers
Anette notes that the new system redistributes working hours. The care staff’s focus shifts from cleaning and assistance to proactive and personalised care, all because of timing and notifications. This provides a greater peace of mind for the resident in every way.

“Yes, it does something for job satisfaction that we use our time better, but it only does so because we can see that the residents feel better; are happy. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what matters.”

Proximity and more good dialogues
Annette Jensen explains how the new service has a greater and deeper impact. “We are also pleased with the close dialogue. For example, Nemlia has contacted the night shift to hear how the round has gone. Nemlia shares the experiences from each shift – and each shift has received a call and were offered good advice. It’s direct and relevant. That’s why there’s a lot of positive curiosity among the night shift staff.”

In only a very short time, residents have noticed the difference. Kristinehøj Plejehjem has found it easier to do the right thing at the right time.

That’s why smiles are spreading easily.

Do you want to catch a smile too?
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