Interview with Erik Bentzen


What relation do you have to the subject of care for the elderly?
I’ve never worked with the elderly but I did intern as a nurse in a German hospital several years ago. I had always been interested in health and healthcare and wanted to work in that sphere in some capacity. Many of my family are active in the medical field and they’ve always been a big inspiration to me. For me, being active in the elderly care space gives me the opportunity to help people and to ensure that my grandparents and my parents will have the opportunity to receive great quality care from caregivers that enjoy doing what they love and that find great joy in their work.

Did you do something else before working at Nemlia?
Before working at Nemlia I was studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield. And I briefly tried working in the coffee roasting industry.

What do you like most about working with Nemlia?
Mostly, I enjoy the feeling that I’m doing something that helps other people. It’s a very stereotypical answer, I know, but it’s what makes this work fulfilling. I wanted to be a doctor many years ago before I started studying and this is a way that I can engage with that desire to care for others without the comprehensive medical training I ended up not pursuing. On top of that being in such and exciting and fast moving space where everyday we’re building upon the experiences of the previous day keeps the work exciting.

What do you do in your free time?
I really enjoy cooking and coffee has become something of a passion for me. Otherwise I can be found reading and writing for various TTRPG groups I am running or playing in.


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