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(Individual Names & Facilities have been changed for privacy purposes)

A new lease on life

An elderly lady with alzheimers dementia (lets call her Annabel) was transferred to a new care home. Annabel, prior to living in her first care home would wander out at night, occasionally falling and causing injury. Concerned relatives had to take drastic measures to deal with the situation by putting Annabel in a wheelchair with a table mount attached whilst they were out for work or running errands – practically locking Annabel in to wheelchair. When she was admitted to the new carehome, caregivers familiar with using Nemlia offered a different approach, throwing away the wheelchair. They set up the Nemlia solution, thus carehome staff are notified if something is potentially going to happen. With caregivers being able to respond immediately, Annabel a was given a higher degree of freedom and a better quality of life.

More time for building relationships

In the carehomes using Talva, the caregivers reported feeling more relaxed, happier at work, and feel that they are making more of a difference. At the Roðin care home in the Faroe Islands, many of their elderly residents were wandering from the carehome, or just going for walks without knowledge of the carers which in many cases came with a huge amount of risk, especially getting lost or potentially falling in the bedroom or bathroom at night. Trying to prevent and dealing with the accidents was of course extremely stressful to staff and relatives.  Spending time worrying and conducting headcounts of residents, meant less time for care and forming positive relationships. Caregivers needed a better feeling of security and peace of mind. With Nemlia Talva, they experienced a better work environment, with less stress and more joy, leading to happier colleagues and residents. They see Talva as an assistant, freeing up time and energy to provide care. With Nemlia Talva, caregivers can spend more time doing what they love.

Talva is a must! It helps us to focus more on providing care and building stronger relationships with the seniors. “
– Caregiver

We are so happy to have Talva as part of our team. We can’t do without it. “
– Caregiver

Freedom at home

My husbands walks are so important for him. As the disease progressed, I would get more and more worried when he left the house. With Talva, things are more like they used to be. He can take his walks and I can relax.

With our home set up with the Nemlia system, I am able to go to work knowing that hes safe at home. If he doesnt get out of bed as he normally would or forgets to turn off the stove, ill be notified.


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