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We aim to unite people with their surroundings, who are either in need of help or live alone at home. This enables our dependents to maintain a safer, more social life wherever they are.

Our software, hardware and IoT solutions are developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide the most applicable solutions to benefit both their work and the prosperity of those in care.

We are a collective that truly cares and strives to make a difference in the world. With our experience and passion for helping others we believe this to be our opportunity to create significant improvement where is matters most.


Peer Bentzen

+298 239040

Melissa Jenkins

+298 220483

Eyðbjørg Leo

Customer Success Manager
+298 599412

Greg Worley

Export Manager
+298 211879

John Høj Andreassen

Software Developer
+298 510651

Denis Kovacek

Software Developer

Petur Larsen

Software Developer


Signar Kristiansen

Software Developer

Fríðbjartur Miðberg

Software Developer

Erik Bentzen

Technical Service Manager

Freddy Scheu

Business Development

Nemlia is a private limited company whose general management is the board of directors. Our board of directors, consists of six members of committee.


We are a progressive company that are extremely passionate about making life better for elderly and dependent residents. We are prominent in the Faroese market and will soon be offering our full range of solutions and services to the rest
of the world. Our core team work from our office in the heart of Tórshavn and we want to continue to grow the team with the increasing demand. We will need skilled, thorough and hard-working employees, that share our same passion. If this is you, send us your application.

Send us your application

You are always welcome to send us your application of your own accord. Send us your application and CV to our CEO at peer@nemlia.com. We will store the application and contact you if you fit an available post opening. You are welcome to call us and have discussion talk with Peer. We are excited to hear from like-minded ardent individals.

Want to know more?

Contact us and learn more about our solutions and services. (or just a chat about care!)

Want to know more?

Contact us and learn more about our solutions and services (or just a chat about care!). 

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Phone: +298 202244
Bergheimer Strasse 147
69115 Heidelberg
Email: nemlia@nemlia.com

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