Quality of life is the connection
between us

Let us take away the stress, so you can focus on what matters most

Caring for our loved ones is what gives us all purpose and affords them a feeling of safety and empowerment. With Nemlia, no matter the time or place, you can be there for those closest to you. 

We empower both those in care and the caregiver to enjoy a better life with less strain and more time.

With Nemlia

Caregivers receive essential real time alerts and a greater overview of care

Relatives feel safer with greater peace of mind.

Our loved ones enjoy a better quality of life with increased safety and freedom.

The warm hands reach further

This increased insight gives staff more time to provide the care needed for the individual to feel secure and thrive. Less worry over what could be happening in the next room and more time to build stronger relationship.

Peace of Mind

The system offers full transparency of care and ability to monitor the well being of our loved ones without compromising on privacy.

Quality of Life

To those who live alone, the complete connection with surroundings enables a feeling of safety.

This security gives you the happiness and courage to live an independent and content-rich life for longer.


"Finally we have more time to provide each resident with the specific care they need to live
a meaningful and independent life’’

- Caregiver


"With the new technology, I now have more time to use my professional knowledge to provide
care, comfort and love.’’

- Caregiver


’’The motion detector provides a feeling of safety amongst the staff, because it sends information to
their mobile phones, as soon as something is going on with one of the residents.’’

- Carehome Manager

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Are you a caregiver working in residential homes?

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